11.5L Small Solar Camp Shower


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Now you can both enjoy a long, hot shower without having to wait around forever. The 11.5L Small Solar Camp Shower is durable, portable and easy-to-use. It’s great for families or couples going camping, boating or hiking.

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3 Minutes of Running Water

The 11.5L Small Solar Camp Shower gives you about 3 minutes of ‘shower time’.

This is generally enough for 1 person to have a nice, relaxing shower. If you were  quick and turned the shower off whilst you were soaping up, it could easily stretch to 2 people.

This solar shower is ideal for a solo traveler or a couple camping.

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Summer Shower SS760 Compact Solar Shower 9.5L

Check out the 9.5L Compact Solar Shower – gives you 2.5 minutes of shower time and takes up hardly any space when folded up.

Insulated - Gets Hot Quicker and Stays Hot Longer

Camping Solar Shower Layers
Solar Shower Insulation Heating

No more goose bumps!

Most solar camp shower bags have only 1 layer of PVC on each side.

With our 4-layer design, the foam layer insulates the hot water to prevent heat loss.

This means your shower can get much hotter, much faster than a regular shower, and stay hot longer. No more waiting around for ages at the end of a long and dirty day, just to shiver through a lukewarm shower!

Camping Solar Shower Bag from Advanced Elements

Note – 19L model shown in this image.

Smart Design Features

Solar Camping Shower Head

The shower head is easy to turn on and off one-handed.

No fiddling around trying to get the water back on, getting soap in your eyes and getting cold!

Solar Outdoor Shower Mesh Pocket

The D-rings, velcro straps and mesh pocket are great for holding your wash cloth, towel, soap, body wash, shampoo etc.

This saves you from having to bend down and pick things up off the muddy ground.

Solar Shower Bag D-rings

The Velcro straps can also be used to secure the shower head into position if you want to use both hands to scrub under the running water – this is great for rinsing out shampoo.

There is even a mirror attached, so you don’t miss any spots shaving. And so you can see how wonderfully clean you are after your hot shower!

Quality Manufacturing

  • Cheap showers struggle to hold together at the seams under the weight of the water when they are full. The high quality seams of the small solar camp shower are very reliable – it will give you years of hot showers.
  • Sometimes you don’t get to choose where the sun is, and you want to be able to lay your shower anywhere without worrying about puncture. The outer layer is extremely durable, which allows you tolay the shower on pretty well any kind of rough surface with confidence.
  • The Summer Shower products all come with a 12 month manufacturers warranty from Advanced Elements
Was apprehensive of durability at first examination however, after 4-5 uses and transports both empty and filled, it has performed flawlessly. Not too heavy when filled, heated up well in direct sunlight, and the nozzle was easily opened and closed.

Plenty of water for adult shower in the woods.

With storage and transport care, it should give several years of service.


Purchased this after seeing great reviews for my 6 week camping adventure. My camp-mates had solar showers of other brands and theirs were not nearly the same quality as mine. Many of theirs leaked from very early on and will likely get thrown in the trash, Im sure.

One major difference was the fantastically sturdy strap and handle at the top. This shower will be used over and over again … well worth the money.

Also, it has some bells and whistles … seems ridiculous to say about a water bag but the little pocket, the attached mirror and the velcro straps to hold stuff were way convenient.


The 3 gallon Elements solar shower does the job for washing up after a sweaty day of hiking.

Really like the temp gauge and places to put toilet articles.

Desert Rat

Practical and Easy to Use

Camping Solar Shower Handle Grip

At the top of the shower, there is a wide handle with a soft grip, so you can comfortably carry the shower when it is full.

The clip on the strap makes it easy to hang the shower – you don’t have to fiddle around with ropes – if you have a branch or a rail at the right height, just clip it straight on.

Camping Shower Easy Fill

The extra-large filling valve means you can fill up the small solar camp shower without getting water everywhere.

The fill valve is rigid with an easy twist-off cap, so it is easy to open and close, even when the shower is full of water.

Solar Shower Bag Thermometer

The temperature gauge means you don’t have to waste water to feel if the water is hot enough, which means you get more shower time from the 11.5L Small Solar Camp Shower.

Running Water:

3 Minutes

Net Weight:

450 grams

Packed Dimensions:

45 x 15 x 5cm

Advanced Elements

Shower Capacity


Number of Persons


Packed Dimensions

45 x 15 x 5 cm



Running Water Time

3 minutes

Suitable for Hanging


Mesh Pockets?


Mirror Included?


Feeling a bit nervous about buying something you haven’t seen and touched?

Don’t worry!

You can try out our Summer Shower products for 30 days after delivery, risk free.

If you don’t like the shower or enclosure, simply send it back for a full refund.

The product needs to be in good condition, but it does NOT need to be as-new. I WANT you to try it out!

When will my order arrive?

We know you want to enjoy a hot shower as soon as possible, but until teleporting becomes the norm, it will take a bit of time for your solar shower and/or enclosure to arrive.

We process all orders within 2 business days and then they are shipped with Australia Post or a courier.

Once the order is shipped, here are the time frames for delivery:

Sydney                 =             4 business days

Brisbane              =             2 business days

Melbourne          =             3-4 business days

Perth                    =             5-10 business days

Adelaide              =             5-8 business days

Darwin                 =             5-8 business days

Hobart                 =             5-8 business days

Canberra             =             3-4 business days

If you are on a deadline, please get in touch so we can confirm more precisely when your order could arrive.

How much does shipping cost?

There is a flat rate of $9.95 for shipping, no matter what you order and no matter where (in Australia) you want it delivered.

The only problem is re-delivery fees …

If nobody is home to sign for delivery, you will have to pay an additional $9.95 for re-delivery.

How can you avoid this? By choosing a delivery address where you know someone will be there, or by giving authority to leave.

What does Authority to Leave (ATL) mean?

ATL means you are happy for the courier or Australia Post to leave your order at your door. This is a great way of avoiding re-delivery fees if you are comfortable to take the risk.

What is the risk?

Well, if somebody walks past your house and steals your order, I’m afraid that’s that. I can’t replace your order for free and the courier or Australia Post are not responsible.

What if my order never arrives?

Please get in touch! The sooner you can let me know, the sooner we can start investigating where it might be.

The Summer Shower range is manufactured by Advanced Elements – a company that is proud of its manufacturing quality control.

They produce the best quality solar showers and enclosures on the market, hands down.

Still … sometimes things go wrong.

So rest assured that you will be supported for a full 12 months after your purchase.

Click here to check out the details of the Advanced Elements Summer Shower Warranty.

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