Portable Solar Showers for Camping with a Caravan or RV

Got an RV or Caravan? Did you know you can put a portable solar shower on top and let gravity (and the sun) do the work?

Not all portable solar shower bags have to be hung up. If you have a high, sturdy vehicle (e.g. a caravan or RV), you can lay it on the roof and fill it up in position.

This means you can use a much larger shower bag, because you don’t have to lift it.

Portable Solar Shower for Caravan and RV 38LWe sell the mammoth 38L Summer Shower from Advanced Elements – it gives you 10 glorious minutes of running water!

For this to work, there are a couple of portable solar shower features you need to look out for:

  • The fill hole needs to be on the clear side that is facing up, not on the black underneath side, like most portable solar showers. This allows you to fill the shower bagĀ without having to flip it over.
  • The hose(s) need to be quite long if your caravan or RV is very tall. Or if you plan on having the shower inside your caravan or RV (nice…).
  • Look for grommets on the corners so you can tie it down.

What if I don’t have access to a hose?

Just because it has a capacity of 38L, doesn’t mean you have to fill it all the way. If you have to fill it at a lake or a tap, for example, just fill it to the weight you can carry, then put it up on the roof of your caravan or RV.

Don’t need such a huge portable solar shower?

You don’t have to get the big guns. We also sell the 19L Summer Shower and the 11.5L Summer Shower.

Want to enjoy your portable solar shower in privacy?

Not every caravan has a bathroom in it. Don’t worry, you can still enjoy your long, hot shower in privacy!

The 38L Summer Shower hoses are extremely long, so you can hang the Summer Shower Enclosure nearby and thread the hose over the top of the enclosure.

Caravaning in Style Solar Shower and Privacy Tent Package

Caravaning in Style Solar Shower and Privacy Tent Package

Click here for all the details on the Caravaning in Style Solar Shower and Privacy Tent Package