Outdoor Solar Shower for Hosing off

Why hose off in cold water when you don’t have to? A small outdoor solar shower bag with a long hose is ideal for hosing off yourself and your gear after surfing, boating, fishing, kayaking, swimming etc.

Outdoor solar shower bags are not just for having a shower.

They can be used for hosing off after water sports, cleaning the car, rinsing off after gardening, washing your hands when you are camping, etc etc.

Basically, any time it would be nice to have warm water…

What makes an outdoor solar shower bag versatile?

There are a few key features to look for when you are trying to find an outdoor solar shower bag that can be used for multiple purposes:

  • Long hose – a long hose is important for hosing things off. You need to be able to reach around edges without having to move the shower bag too much.
  • Clip for hanging – whether you are hanging it to have a shower or to hose off, the easier it is to hang, the better. A clip on the handle means you can hang it on a closed loop without needing a rope.
  • D-rings or grommets – these allow you to tie down the shower bag if it is being rested somewhere, like on the top of your car.
  • Small size – this may seem counter intuitive, but if you had a really large shower bag, it is too heavy to move around easily, AND it takes too long to heat up.

9.5L Summer shower9.5L Portable Outdoor Insulated Solar Shower Bag

The 9.5L Summer Shower from Advanced Elements has all these features!

It is ideal for camping, watersports, gardening, the beach and whatever else you can think of where some warm water would be nice.

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