Lightweight Solar Showers for Hiking and Backpacking

To stay hygienic when you are hiking or backpacking, you need a ¬†lightweight solar shower that doesn’t compromise on quality.

When you are carrying your gear on your back, every gram counts!

These solar showers are ultra-lightweight, compact, durable and packed with handy features.

Want a lightweight solar shower you can rely on when you are in the middle of nowhere?

It’s particularly important not to compromise on quality when you are going somewhere remote. For example, on a multi-day hike in the bush. What would you do if the seams split on the first day?

These Summer Showers from Advanced Elements come with the following awesome features:

  • Top quality materials to prevent puncture
  • Thick welded seams to reduce the risk of splitting
  • A mirror for shaving, for example
  • Two pockets – one mesh
  • A nice wide, easy-to-use fill hole that you can close one-handed
  • Velcro straps for adjusting the shower head height
  • D-rings for attaching towel, soap etc.
  • A comfy handle with a clip for easy hanging
  • The best shower head on the market – you can turn it on and off one-handed

All the products we sell are backed by a 12 month manufacturers guarantee from Advanced Elements AND our 30-day satisfaction guarantee – try your lightweight solar shower for up to 30 days and if you don’t like it, you can send it back for a FULL refund.

11.5L Lightweight Solar ShowerIn a rush or going solo?

The 11.5L Small Solar Camp Shower will give you about 3 minutes of running water. This is enough for most people to have a shower. And for some, it may even be enough for two people to have a shower.

Weighing in at 450 grams, the big benefit of this lightweight solar shower is the speed of heating. It is insulated on the back side, which means it doesn’t lose as much heat to the cold ground compared to most solar shower bags. Also, the small size means there is simply not as much water to heat up, so it gets there quicker.

Click here for details on the 11.5L Small Solar Camp Shower

Lightweight Solar Shower Bag SS762Need a bigger lightweight solar shower?

If 3 minutes of shower time doesn’t cut it, there’s no need to compromise.

The 19L Ultralight Solar Shower weighs in at 480 grams, but gives you 5 minutes of running water.

Click here for all the details of the 19L Ultralight Solar Shower