How To Choose the Perfect Solar Shower

There are so many different solar shower bags on the market – it is important to learn how to choose the right one for your needs.

Apart from different brands and quality levels, the reason there are so many solar shower bags available is that there are many different uses for them. Who would have thought?

To choose the right shower, there are a couple of scenarios to consider:

Do you need a solar shower that is lightweight and compact?

For example:

  • You are doing a multi-day hiking trip
  • You are doing a multi-day remote cycling trip
  • You are doing a multi-day kayaking trip
  • Backpacking around Asia or Africa (or anywhere for that matter)

Size and weight are going to be a constraint for you.

When you are carrying your gear without a vehicle, maybe even in a backpack, you really want a lightweight and compact solar shower.
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Are you looking for a shower to hose things off?

For example

  • Hosing off your car
  • Hosing off your surfboard or kayak or SUP
  • Hosing off your trailer
  • Hosing off your caravan or RV
  • Hosing off your boat

You don’t want to use really cold water for this, so a solar shower bag is a great option, but there are a few important features to consider. We’ll go through these in detail.

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Are you looking for the best solar shower for car camping?

When you are car camping, you don’t have the weight constraint of somebody who is backpacking, but you also don’t have a big vehicle like a caravan to put the solar shower on.

It might be the whole family or it might just be you, we will have a look at the different shower bag sizes that will be ideal.

It’s also important to consider your privacy – if you are in a camp site with others, you might not want to take a shower in your birthday suit…

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Do you want a nice hot shower for your Caravan or RV?

Having a high vehicle gives you some more portable solar shower options, because you don’t have to hang the shower bag to use it – you can fill it up on top of your caravan or RV.

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