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I started selling Advanced Elements inflatable kayaks in Australia in 2007. I was blown away by the quality and performance of their kayaks, so I decided to start importing their Summer Shower Range.

Sure enough, the Advanced Elements solar showers are also awesome!

They are durable, practical, compact, and designed to get very hot, very quickly.

The Summer Shower Enclosure is so unique – I’ve never seen a privacy tent so quick and easy to set up – no poles required!

Jacob and I are avid campers, and we use both the showers and the enclosure when we go camping.

I’ve found the solar shower bags to be more useful than I imagined – we don’t just use them as a shower, we also use the hot water for bathing the baby and washing the dishes.

I had a cheap solar shower many, many years ago and it split on it’s first camping trip. I don’t know what I expected, given that I paid less than $20 for a plastic bag to hold over 20kg!

I am delighted, therefore, that the Summer Shower brand has focused on quality and durability. An Advanced Elements solar shower will NOT let you down.

As for the shower enclosure, we almost witnessed our friends get a divorce when they tried to set up their ensuite tent (with many poles, I might add) during a camping weekend. It was funny at the time (for us), but now that we have two kids in tow, I am grateful we have such an easy set up!

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Advanced Elements solar showers come in all different sizes with different features, so if you need help choosing the right Summer Shower product, click here to get in touch.

Cheers, Emily.

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