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works great! We bought a solar Shower at REI and it broke on the first trip. We thought about fixing that one, but I saw this one online and ordered it. We went camping this past fall in MOAB and Escalante with this Solar Shower (both trips having highs in the 50’s) and the solar shower not only is hearty, but managed to warm up the water (as long as we left it facing the sun on the dash board) to about 98. we understand It’s a solar shower and long as the sun is out, it does the trick. I am sure we will take this on any camping trip in the future.

We used this on a recent month-long sailing trip and it worked great. We filled it up with water at a marina and then put it on the cabin top where it was exposed to the sun all day long–it got up to about 98 degrees F after one day in the sun. You would be surprised how long 5 gallons will last if you are frugal with your water usage. We easily got 2 showers for 2 people from one filling. I love it!

Use this once so far on a camping trip and it worked WONDERFUL! Put it out in the sun around 9am and by the afternoon the water was warm enough already. My kids ended up getting carsick and throwing up on themselves so this was a lifesaver! We got 3 full showers out of it (including washing our hair) and there was still some warm water leftover. Seems like great quality, especially for the great price. It comes with a handy little mirror too.

This portable five gallon shower met all my expectations. It is well built and made of quality materials. We refill it as needed from our water reserve since our area is under water rationing due to a severe drought. It works fine. The water sprout is easy to operate on and off. Just pull or push it. It holds the five gallons of water and easy to refill via the large knob at front. It even has a water temperature strip which indicates if the water is cold or hot. I highly recommend this product.

They are really phantstic and I get a warm shower every time I come back from surfing / kiteboarding.

Use it 2-3 times a week and it holds up great.

I was hesitant to try a solar shower in the first place, but have to say this product has worked really well for me already! It heats up the water very well, and is designed pretty sturdily. I love the reinforced handle and the fact that it unclips – making it really easy to hang anywhere even when fully loaded with water. The accessory bags are convenient, too. Overall really happy with this purchase!!!

Just used this on a camping trip to the Black Hills. Filled it in the morning and laid it out in the sun. Came back after a long hike and the temp was about 95 degrees. Hung it from a tree and my partner and I each showered and washing and rinsed our hair and still had about a gallon left. This is a great product I’d recommend, just remember a full bag weighs over 40 lbs so have something sturdy to hang it from.

We dry camp frequently so this is great after a day on the lake for a quick rinse with some clean water. We fill at home before we leave and will set in the sun while we are gone during the day. Water temp does get very hot when sitting out in 95 degrees and full sun all day. One day water was too hot to use. Moved it into the shade while we packed up and it cooled off enough to use before we left. We usually hang on the lumber rack of the truck and works perfect.

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Here's Why A Solar Shower Is For You

While you’re out camping in your favourite spot, in the secluded hidden parts of the country, you may well find there is no shower block.¬† In many great locations, a hot shower is nothing more than wishful thinking.

But with our range of Advanced Elements solar showers, you and your family can take showers anywhere you like!

Enjoy privacy in our enclosures and take your camping to a whole new level.

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